The critical condition of today’s society

New Economy (Structure Economy)

economic crisis

the subprime issue


What is America?

why American industry has declined.

America is No. 1

Reforming health care

Now is the time to renew the dream of America

ahead of GM


the current economic crisis is a structural problem.

Why is business still bad?

the issue of bad credit as an issue of bad debt.

This is the structure economy.

the direction of the fund flow.

housekeeping financing accounting

the discipline of the market

Accounting is a way of thinking.

When humans are rich, humans lack esteem for God.

until modern days, economic activity was not based on money but objects.

the market

Why must currency be collected after it is released?

The direction of money flow largely depends on how the negative aspect works.

the Equivalent of Three Aspects

Since economists are not well-versed in practical business matters, they cannot understand the realities of the economy.

It is impossible to understand the economy unless we can gauge the flow of money.

the value of time

The U.S.-China relationship

The contemporary economy presumes change.

four dimensions

big waves being felt in the cash flow

That is to say that economic issues are structural.

The character of an industry is restricted by its cost structure.

While the function of property is linear, the function of money is circulative.

Finance is a system.

The key factor in measuring the economic effects of investment

thus ending in a balance of zero in every case.

What matters are the preconditions.

the discipline of the market.

The economy is an activity for living — for life itself.

The problem lies in the root of monetary value

A monetary system is a gigantic device to distribute wealth

If you always consider negative elements to be destructive, you cannot solve economic problems.

Why is the economy not functioning smoothly at present?

Consumption, labor and distribution are important elements.

The answer will show the course of the money flow

Currencies can become effective when they are in circulation.

The concept of negative numbers is formed along with the concept of zero.

The power that drives a money economy is cash flow.

Income differs from earnings.

The economy encompasses the activities of people’s lives.

an economy is made up of debts and expenses.

the economy works well thanks to liberalism.

The issue of comfort women is a human-rights problem.

Do you believe in God?This is a fundamental question.

You should not ask God for an answer.

Can you forgive yourself?

For people today, money is everything.

God is the premise of every existence.

The foundations of a free economy are balance and symmetry.

Liberalism functions effectively because it is a democratic system.

This is the essence of pragmatism.

The money economy

What should be corrected is not the past but the present.

The world is one.

Those who deny gods make themselves gods.

The winners provide the treat, and the losers flatter them.

First of all, it is necessary to clear up just what the economy is.

Mathematics is a means to an end, and the discipline of mathematics was originally something that was purposeful.

Japanese people like America.


Nicht zu vergessen ist, dass die Grundlage der wirtschaftlichen Bewegung auf Rotation und Schwingung beruht.

These phenomena are the problems of entropy.

Die Mechanismen der Wirtschaft sind denkbar einfach.

The flow of money is what moves the mechanisms of the economy.

The key lies in lending and borrowing and in taxes.

The economy needs to be a mechanism rather than a structure.

The human race of today has now reached a turning point.

A market does not fail. It is people who fail.

People do not live for bread alone.

The fundamental principle of the EU is that peace rests on top of the economic equilibrium.

The economy is an artificial space created by humans.

Modern economies started from debt.

My son’s dreams are also my own.

Why must taxes be paid?

The basic flow of big money works like this.

The economy comprises activities for living.

When called into question by God at the end of your life, what will your answer be?

our modern society is built upon debt.

The sum of the monetary value of the entire market is zero.

The essence of an economy lies in how to increase productive costs.

A bad tradition of economics is that logic is assumed to be something trivial and something that can not be ascertained.

The correlations

External and internal procurement of funds

People, goods, and money are always disproportionate.

Economic growth consists of material growth, human growth, and financial growth.

The economy is extremely logical.

What made Japan to gasp in a slump without being able to get thorough?

Why does fiscal deficit arise?

Economic indicators are relative; they are not absolute.

Price is not something singular.

The reason why the mature phase turns to one of decline is this failure to convert from quantity to quality.

I do not need anything.I only want to be faithful to God.

The world’s economic space is four-dimensional.

The world’s economic space is four-dimensional.

The economy is about mathematics.

What is it that we are really seeking in the mechanisms of the economy?

Money is a means of distribution.

economic principle


The right recognition of God


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